Below, find our most helpful resources for a wonderful recruitment experience – whether you’re a potential new member, a mother or an alumna.  Click each box to learn more.

Kappa Alpha Theta appreciates the efforts of its members who recommend outstanding young women for membership. The process of identifying qualified potential new members (PNMs) is a responsibility and a privilege that is shared by collegians and alumnae. Though a letter of reference is not required for membership in Kappa Alpha Theta, college chapters appreciate the introductions of qualified PNMs that references provide.

You may write a letter of reference if you are…

  • An alumna member of the Fraternity in good standing
  • An initiated college member of the Fraternity in good standing who is a member of another chapter
  • An inactive college member of another chapter
  • An affiliated college member submitting a letter of reference to her original chapter
  • An unaffiliated college member submitting a letter of reference to a chapter other than her original chapter or to the chapter on her present campus

There are two ways one may submit a reference form on behalf of a PNM.

  1. Electronically
    Most college chapters prefer that references be submitted online through Advantages are the timely, ensured delivery of the reference and the ability of the chapter officer to access the reference quickly and remotely. To submit online, follow these instructions:

    • Go to
    • On the upper right side of the page: click the Member Login button. If it doesn’t appear, expand the size of your window.
    • Click on Recruitment Reference Letter and Legacy Introduction.
  2. Hard Copy
    • Download and print this Letter of Reference Form.
    • Fill out the form. Send it, along with a photograph of the PNM and her resume, to the Chief Recruiting Officer or Reference Chairman at the appropriate college chapter. Look on the college chapter’s website for mailing instructions.
  3. If you have questions, please contact