Current Officers

Officer Duties
Past Presidents Bal d'Hiver Chairs
  Past Thetas of the Year

Current Officers

Title Name  E-mail
President Jessica Siegel President
Secretary/Treasurer Estie Harris Secretary-Treasurer
Vice President Ann Kloeppel Vice President
Founder's Day Chairs Stephanie Grant
Sarah Knapek
Founders Day Chairs
Vice President/Bal Chairs Kim Looney,
Carla Nelson
Vice President/Bal d’Hiver Chairs
Bal Treasurer Allison Jones Bal d’Hiver Treasurer
Editor/Multimedia Manager Mary Bess Corbin Editor
Nominating Cathy Krumm Nominating
Philanthropy/CASA Representative Katie Koban Braddy
Philanthropy/CASA Representative
Family & Children Services Reps. Beth O'Shea
Nancy Stabell
Family & Children Services
Recruitment Recommendation Alice Whitson Recruitment Recommendations
Hospitality/Fall Supper Chairs Adrienne Nordman
Melissa Straub
Membership/Young Alumnae Nicole Latham Membership/Young Alumnae
Panhellenic Taylor Northern
Laine Arnold
Alumnae/Active Relations Vanderbilt Britt Anderson VandyAlumnae/Active Relations
Alumnae/Active Relations
Giovanna Cervantes, Samora Fantone BelmontAlumnae/Active Relations
Bal Board Bal d’Hiver Board
Advisory Board Chairmen Vanderbilt

Britt Anderson,
Kim Murphy

Advisory Board Chairmen
Advisory Board Chairmen Belmont Suzanne McLemore,
Melissa Bradford
Advisory Board Chairmen

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Duties of Kappa Alpha Theta Alumnae Officers

President: Preside at meetings
Communicate with other officers
Be liaison with Central Office and Alumnae District President
Submit annual report
Oversee reports of other officers
Encourage alumnae actives and involvement with Theta
Attend annual convention or select designee
Participate in Bal Advisory Board
President-Elect: Sit on Nominating Committee
Oversee selection of Theta of the Year
Assist with Officer Transition Workshop
Participate in Bal Advisory Board
Treasurer: Prepare and recommend budget
Asst. Treasurer: Inform membership of budget
Collect dues
Collect Friendship Fund monies
Receive and disburse monies in accordance with budget
Communicate on budget matters with Central office
V.P. Special Events: Plan and Coordinate Founders Day
Bal Chairs: Plan and Coordinate Bal D'Hiver Benefit
Participate in Bal Advisory Board
Bal Treasurer: Prepare budget for Bal
Receive and disburse monies in accordance with Budget and Bal Committee
Participate in Bal Advisory Board
Corresponding Secretary: Keep bulk mail permit current
Handle chapter correspondence
Coordinate information exchange with Central Office
Work with editor on newsletter mailing
Update alumnae records in coordination with Jane Delony
Publish/update directory
Work with Rush Recommendation Chairs on welcome letters to new Thetas.
Recording Secretary: Keep minutes of all meetings
Editor: Coordinate and prepare newsletters
Nominating: Work with President and President-elect to prepare slate of officers for next year
Typically filled by immediate past President
Philanthropy/CASA Rep: Serve as liaison for Kappa Alpha Theta alumnae with CASA Board of Directors
FCS Rep: Serve as liaison for Kappa Alpha Theta alumnae with Family and Children's Services Board of Directors
Recruitment Ref: Oversee references for potential Theta new members
Coordinate with various colleges to get references in timely for potential Thetas
Hospitality: Plan and coordinate Fall Supper
Assist with planning and coordination of Wine Tasting
Consider planning additional events
Membership: Contact and make welcome new Theta alumnae members
Encourage attendance of new members at alumnae functions
Work with editor to highlight new members
Work with all officers to build membership
Reach out to local alumnae who are experiencing difficulties
Congratulate local alumnae on special occasions
Panhellenic: Be Theta alumnae representative at Panhellenic events
Coordinate Theta's participation in Panhellenic Fashion Show
Attend Panhellenic meetings
Asst. Panhellenic: Work with Panhellenic and attend meetings in their absence
Alumnae/Active: Coordinate with Rush References and corresponding secretary on welcome letters to Theta new members
Stay in regular communication with Actives
Plan regular events with Actives/Alumnae
Involve Alumnae Chapter members in Actives events
Advisory Board
Advises Alpha Eta Chapter


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Past Presidents of the Nashville Alumnae Chapter

1947 Ann Wright Hart 1978 Chrissie McClure
1948  Gray Oliver 1979-81 Jane Corcoran
1949  Peggy Montgomery 1981-83 Sandra Lipman
1950  Jane Stone 1983-84 Missy Eason
1951  Jane Delony 1984-85 Jean Ann Banker
1952  Monica Bramblett 1985-87 Alice Whitson
1953  Nancy Johnson 1987-88 Irwin Fisher
1954  Helen Crain 1988-89 Sallie Norton
1955 Ann Schwartz 1989-90 Libby Oldfield Broadhurst
1956 Alice Holcomb 1990-91 Marees Choppin
1957  Pat Rich 1991-92 Gray Thornburg
1958  Sarah Perry 1992-93 Lyn Cate James
1959  Nan Callaway 1993-94 Leigh Atkins
1960  Sally Alexander 1994-95 Vernon Peterman
1961  Frances Edwards 1995-96 Mary Hawkins
1962 Beverly Kardokus 1996-97 Allison Lucas
1963  Ann Wells 1997-98 Scottie Coombs
1964  Ann Shull 1998-99 Mary Lee Bartlett
1965  Karin Coble 99-2000 Amy Colton
1966  Jo Ann Bainbridge 2000-01 Anne Riegle
1967  Liz Bass 2001-03 Kim Harvey Looney
1968  Sarah Perry 2003-05 Estie Harris
1969 Peggy Groos 2005-07 Britt Anderson
1970 Gray Oliver 2007-09 Jennifer June
1971 Befke McIntosh 2009-10 Cathy Shull
1972 Frances Edwards 2010-11 Mary Pillow Thompson
1973 Marie Maxwell 2012-14 Jenney Springer Keaty
1974 Ann Bumstead 2014-15 Cathy Krumm
1975 Patty Wood    
1976 Anne Lara    
1977 Mary Wade    

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Bal d'Hiver Chairs

The Bal d'Hiver is Nashville's oldest presentation ball.
It is celebrated Thanksgiving weekend each year.
The Bal d'Hiver is the major fundraising activity for the Nashville alumnae chapter
with the funds raised being donated to
CASA, Children & Family Services and the Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation.

1947 Jane Ambrose & Gray Oliver 1983 Jean Ann Banker & Alice Whitson
1948 Damaris Steele 1984 Marees Choppin & Katie Benson
1949 Ann Diehl 1985 Vernon Peterman & Missy Voight
1950 Juanita Huggins 1986 Sallie Norton & Sarah Ramsey
1951 Monica Bramblett 1987 Florence Blair & Irwin Fisher
1952 Nancy Johnson 1988 Betsy Brittain & Margaret Riddell
1953 Ann Schwartz 1989 Lyn Cate James & Cindy Luna
1954 Jane Dudley 1990 Allison Lucas & Edie Simpkins
1955 Sis Holland 1991 Janetta Concepcion & Mary Jo Johnson
1956 Helen Crain 1992 Judy Meadows & LaVoe Mulgrew
1957 Covey Brittain 1993 Mary Hawkins & Mary Swords
1958 Ann Tuck 1994 Elizabeth Coble & Scottie Coombs
1959 Lallie Wallace 1995 Carla Nelson & Kim Looney
1960 Donia Dickerson 1996 Adelaide Stevens & Julie Branstetter
1961 Jane Entrekin 1997 Colleen Johnson & Karen Rich
1962 Polly Craig Glover 1998 Ellen Duncan & Beth O’Shea
1963 Gray Bolster 1999 Kim Dowland & Karlen Garrard
1964 Jo Ann Bainbridge 2000 Britt Anderson & Barbara Keithh
1965 Florence Davis 2001 Cathy Shull & Paige McClain
1966 Carlene Gaskin 2002 Sarah Ann Ezzell & Sandra Sarratt
1967 Mary Stumb 2003 Jane Corcoran & Beth O’Shea
1968 Ann Schull Lauterbach 2004 Lawrence Cook & Ann Kloeppel
1969 Kay Alexander 2005 Bitsy Hughes & Elizabeth King
1970 Sissy Edge Payne 2006 Bal d’Hiver break
1971 Ann Harmer 2007 Bal d'Hiver break
1972 Em Crook 2008 Edie Simpkins & Mary Pillow Kirk
1973 Betty Finucane 2009

Sarah Ramsey & Liz Hackett.

1974 Jo Ann Hayes 2010 Teri Worthington & Langhorne King
1975 Katie Gambill 2011 Anne Nesbitt & Jencie Tipton
1976 Marie Maxwell 2012 Kim Looney & Carla Nelson
1977 Jane Corcoran & Lou Mudter Dimond 2013 Elizabeth Coble & Laura Dale
1978 Leigh Atkins & Liz Hackett 2014 Irwin Fisher & Anne Riegle
1979 Marsha Patterson & Laurie Aldredge 2015 Mary Lee Bartlett & Amy Colton
1980 Chrissie McClure & Sandra Lipman    
1981 Mary Loveless & Missy Eason    
1982 Gray Thornburg & Emily Frith    

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"Thetas of the Year"

for the Nashville Alumnae Chapter
This award, given annually at the Founders Day celebration in January, honors the Kappa Alpha Theta alumnae who has gone above and beyond expectations in their work for their fraternity and their community.

1983-1984 Leigh Zerfoss Atkins
1984-1985 Jane Tarkington
1985-1986 Jane Chadwell Delony
1986-1987 Ann Bumstead
1987-1988 Ann Peebles
1988-1989 Merrie Morrissey Clark
1989-1990 Ellen Hofstead
1990-1991 Lissa Bradford
1991-1992 Dianne Vaughn
1992-1993 Lillias Johnston
1993-1994 Missy Eason
1994-1995 Betsy Brittain
1995-1996 Lyn Cate James
1996-1997 Cathy Cate Sullivan
1997-1998 Nancy Johnston
1998-1999 Jane Buchanan Corcoran
1999-2000 Mary Lee Gibson Bartlett
2000-2001 Ellen Mears Duncan
2001-2002 Allison Harris Jones
2002-2003 Suzanne McLemore
2003-2004 Kim Harvey Looney
2004-2005 Gray Oliver Thornburg
2005-2006 Ann Kloeppel
2006-2007 Adelaide Stevens
2007-2008 Cathy Shull
2008-2009 Jennie Bowman

2009-2010 Estie Harris
2010-2011 Sarah Ann Ezzell
2011-2012 Britt Anderson
2012-2013 Alice Whitson
2013-2014 Cindy Harrison Luna
2014-2015 Irwin Fisher



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