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Information about joining the Alumnae Group

Through the Membership Committee, our alumnae contact and make welcome new Theta alumnae members by encouraging attendance of new members at alumnae functions, working with the editor to highlight new members, working with all officers to build membership, and reaching out to local alumnae who are experiencing difficulties and congratulating local alumnae on special occasions by coordinating assistance among area alumnae.

Any alumnae member of the Fraternity in good standing is eligible for membership in this alumnae chapter. Members who pay local dues and Fraternity per-capita fees are active members of this chapter. Further, only persons holding active membership in this chapter may vote, hold office, serve on committees, act as delegates to conventions or represent this chapter in any way.

For more information, contact Membership Chairmen.

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Dues Payments

Dues statements are mailed annually in January and include individual national member dues. They also help cover administrative costs, events, support for CASA, Family and Children's Services, National initiatives, the Alpha Eta chapter, and the Eta Phi chapter. Thank you to those who have paid your dues for the current year. If you have not done so yet, it's not too late!! (Note: per legislation passed by National Convention, each chapter is assessed $30 per member. This replaces Convention and other national fees that we have paid in previous years.)

* Theta Star $80 (Patron's Full Membership)
* Theta Kite $60 (Five Years Plus)
* New Alum $50  (First Five Years)

If you are a life loyal** member, please follow this link to the national website to pay your dues:


Note: you will need your Kappa Alpha Theta login information which can be found on the mailing label of your Theta magazine or you can call the headquarters 1-800-526-1870 for login help

**For more information on the life loyal program, please see below:

There are many ways to support Kappa Alpha Theta, and becoming a Life Loyal member is one of them. Kappa Alpha Theta Life Loyal is a program that was developed to provide enhanced services to members and to recognize those who support the Fraternity financially. Believing in the true worth and merit of Kappa Alpha Theta, Life Loyal members are helping to create ethical, social, and educational programs that develop women of integrity and character.

Kappa Alpha Theta Life Loyal was created to honor and recognize the thousands of dedicated Thetas who have lived our ideals and who want better services for collegiate and alumnae members. In addition to using membership fees to enhance and support services for our membership, a large majority of the revenue is being invested in an endowment fund for the perpetuation and enhancement of The Kappa Alpha Theta Magazine. Kappa Alpha Theta hopes for wide support of this program because it helps take the increasingly difficult burden of paying for The Magazine off the shoulders of collegiate members and allows Theta to invest in meaningful and exciting magazine enhancements.

The one-time cost of membership in Kappa Alpha Theta Life Loyal is $299 or, for added convenience, 12 monthly payments of $28. Our 50-year plus members can join for a one-time cost of $189. Payments can be received in a variety of methods to satisfy almost all budgets.

As a Life Loyal member, you will no longer be required to pay your yearly $30 per capita dues to the Fraternity. This means that your chapter will provide a separate amount for you to pay that will go directly to your alumnae chapter, not to Fraternity headquarters. For example, if your annual chapter dues were $35, you would be charged only $5, which would go directly to your alumnae chapter to fund chapter operations.

See others from your chapter who have joined Life Loyal:

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Volunteer Opportunities

Bal d'Hiver

The Bal offers year-round opportunities, such as committee chairmen and members, invitation stuffing, helping with decorations, etc.  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Vice President/Bal d’Hiver Chair.

Alpha Eta Alumnae/Active

There are many ways to participate with the Alpha Eta activites throughout the year. These include: Auntie Mame dinners, working with the chapter on projects, supporting the actives during exams, helping with Formal Recruitment and many more! To find out details, contact VandyAlumnae/Active Relations.

Eta Phi Alumnae/Active

There are many ways to participate with the Eta Phi activities throughout the year. To find out details, contact BelmontAlumnae/Active Relations.

Officer Self-Nominations

Volunteer by nominating yourself to serve as an officer in next year's slate!  Email Nominating Chair.

Check here for more information about the Duties of the Officers.

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